The Nicolás Maduro regime detains a Colombian congressman for several hours who traveled to participate in the dialogues with the ELN

José Jaime Uscátegui's communications team reported that the Venezuelan authorities took the representative's phone and passport.

The Venezuelan authorities will not allow the Colombian opposition congressman José Jaime Uscátegui into the country. He arrived in Caracas this Friday to carry out a political observation of the peace process with the National Liberation Army (ELN). However, according to his communications team, Uscátegui’s status has been unknown since then.

Shortly after arriving at the Venezuelan International Airport, the Colombian congressman contacted his team around 3:15 in the afternoon to inform them that he had been detained and that they had prevented him from entering the country.

“Please find out, because I am here with Immigration, and they tell me I can’t enter. What do I have to do?” Uscátegui asked during the released recording of his call to his team. “If I am a diplomat, Why? I have an official passport, please,” he added shortly before reporting that they were forcing him to put down the phone and end the call.

Given this situation, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that it launched its diplomatic and consular channels to provide assistance to the congressman and guarantee his rights.

The Ministry explained in a statement that the foreign minister in charge, Luis Gilberto Murillo, communicated with his Venezuelan counterpart, Yvan Gil, expressing his concern about the decision and requesting clarity about the facts.

“Ambassador Milton R “ngifo and the Colombian consul in Caracas, Fulvia Benavides, are carrying out the corresponding consular procedures to resolve this situation promptly,” he added.

However, until now no more information has been offered about the reasons that could have led to the representative being denied entry.

According to Uscátegui’s communications team, the Venezuelan authorities took the congressman’s phone and his passport and kept him in a room.

“It has been more than 4 hours since Representative Uscátegui was detained without knowing with certainty his status in Caracas,” denounced the congressman’s team.