The false indignation of a false partner: Biden against the Jewish State

The U.S. president is the floating timber that Hamas is clinging to in order to not sink because it needs the votes of Muslims and the antisemitic left.

United States President Joe Biden recently said in an interview with Univision that Israel should declare a unilateral ceasefire of more than a month and that he disagreed with how the Israeli government was conducting the war. Biden's solidarity with Israel lasted a few days after the Gaza government, run by the Hamas organization, invaded its territory six months ago. The greatest attack on the Jewish people after the Holocaust occurred right in the middle of his re-election campaign, and since then, Biden, his administration and his ineffable Secretary of State Antony Blinken have simulated an equidistance between the parties, that is, between Israel and Hamas. The equidistance is in itself insulting if one considers that the Gaza government is a savage dictatorship that oppresses its people and is, in addition, a deadly terrorist organization. The equidistance is further aggravated if one considers that constitutionally and statutorily, the purpose of Hamas is the disappearance of Israel and the Jews there and everywhere else. And it gets even worse if you take into account that the terrorist group hates the Jewish State as much as it hates the United States, its president (whoever he may be) and everything that the North American country represents. The course that the Biden government has taken, openly contrary to Israel's victory in the war, is currently the most aggressive in the world.

It so happens that Biden needs the votes of a crucial part of his electoral base that wants him to save Hamas from extinction. It is possible that the current president has historically had little sympathy for Israel. Anecdotes certify this feeling, but the possibility of Democratic politicians demonstrating this contempt for the alliance that has united both countries for many years is new. Biden's administration cannot even try to dissimulate. The polarization that affects the country radicalizes positions and attracts the worst partners. The pro-Palestinian demonstrations, permitted and endorsed within the administrative, cultural and academic structure of the United States, do not even stop at the fact that it is the Islamism claimed by Hamas that has committed the most terrible terrorist attacks on its own soil. Nor do they stop at the fact that this Islamist group hunted Americans like animals, took them hostage, raped them and tortured them in captivity. That alone should have awakened a survival instinct. However, the polarization that pulls Biden's strings also reaches his voters.

President Biden wants these voters to know that he feels the way they do, no matter how much contempt they express for their own country, tradition, and culture. The president does not blame them for hating their history. He needs them to consider him part of the group. That is why it finances the country that funds terrorism. Biden cannot, and perhaps does not want to disappoint the exacerbated characters of the radicalized left of his party, who are the ones who support the delirious woke narrative that is deeply antisemitic. This narrative was cultivated for decades among its educational voters, administrators, and professors at colleges and universities, in the media, and NGOs. There is a significant group of Israel haters who live comfortably in the Democratic Party.

Conclusion: Biden has no incentive to support Israel. The October 7 attacks have only prompted him to accelerate his effort to establish a Palestinian state that would provide an institutional base for the jackals. He has been generous in financing Iran, the main factor of instability in the Middle East, but this is not enough. He also wants Israel to leave the war as it is and withdraw so that Hamas survives. Biden's rhetoric is what allows the Palestinian terrorist group to reject all ceasefire proposals and not even be held accountable for the hostages who are undergoing half a year of uninterrupted torture. Biden is not asking for a ceasefire for the hostages.

Instead, the U.S. administration makes it a priority to provide Gaza with "humanitarian aid" that is systematically appropriated and managed by Hamas for the entire world to see. The aid trucks that arrive in the Strip are aid for terrorists who steal it, sell it, or use it to subjugate the area's inhabitants further. But instead of condemning Hamas for the crisis it causes, Biden blames Israel for "acute food insecurity." Famine was what produced that deadly stampede for which the Israeli army was blamed until aerial images corroborated that Hamas was to blame for shooting at the Palestinians. However, none of this matters; the Biden administration and its formal and informal partners are immune to the data.

When in doubt and by default, the State Department accuses Israel of genocide, famine, baby killing, and sexual abuse based on information provided by Hamas. This has been used to justify various betrayals, such as that of the Security Council. Biden has adopted the left's version of Israel, giving credence to the accusation that the Jewish State is to blame for the disaster in Gaza despite the criminal record of those who, even today, dominate that territory. It is Biden's leadership that subjects Israel to a permanent double standard. In the course of its multiple wars, the United States has accidentally killed a large number of civilians. Yet, it is a mistake by the Israeli army that caused a scandal among Democrats.

For example, during Biden's recent criminal withdrawal from Afghanistan, a U.S. strike killed an aid worker and nine members of his family, including seven children, one of them just two years old. In 2011, at least 13 ambulance workers were killed in a NATO "friendly fire" airstrike in Libya. Denmark's air force killed 14 civilians in 2011 in the military alliance's bombing campaign, and it was concluded privately in 2012. Nevertheless, the acknowledgment was not made public, which prevented the families of those killed from seeking compensation. Another NATO attack on Surman, Libya, in 2011 killed 12 civilians, including five children and six family members. And the bomb attack in Sirte, also on Libyan territory, killed a man and a five-month pregnant woman. At a wedding in Iraq, 11 women and 14 children were killed by U.S. fire. In the invasions carried out by the U.S., civilians were not given notice or time to evacuate the cities. Neither Biden, nor Cameron, nor NATO have the moral authority to judge Israel.

It is a double standard to evaluate the actions of the Israeli army, and their own is shameless. According to the UN, the average number of deaths among combatants and civilians in wars around the world is 1 to 9; however, in Gaza, Israel has reduced it to between 1 to 1.5. The cynical criticism from Biden and his formal and informal partners is purposely to obscure this historic standard that Israel has set, implementing more precautions to prevent harm to civilians than any military in history. According to the director of studies at the Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point, John Spencer, "the IDF has telegraphed almost all movements in advance so that civilians can relocate, almost always giving up the element of surprise. This has allowed Hamas to reposition its senior leadership (and Israel's hostages) as necessary across Gaza's dense urban terrain and the miles of underground tunnels it has built." Spencer adds, "Hamas fighters, who unlike the IDF they do not wear uniforms, they have also taken the opportunity to mix with the civilian population while evacuating. The net effect is that Hamas succeeds in its strategy of creating Palestinian suffering and images of destruction to generate international pressure on Israel to cease its operations, thus ensuring Hamas' survival."

The double standard is not naive. Biden needs to endorse the narratives of the left. That is why it buys all the Hamas propaganda whose unverifiable numbers do not distinguish between victims of combatants and civilians, nor between civilians killed by their own violence, by being human shields, or by failed rockets that fall on their own ground. Anyone watching mainstream coverage of the war in Gaza should think that only civilians are dying and no terrorists are dying. Historically, and as happens with any dictatorship, Hamas has falsified the data, and the statistical studies that have evaluated the death figures that were later proven false have had little impact. The press criticized the successful operation at the al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip, taken as a bunker by Hamas, an operation in which no civilians were injured. However, they did not criticize the terrorist group for the war crime of using hospitals as command centers.

Asking Israel to reduce civilian casualties to zero, to leave Israeli hostages in captivity to serve as bargaining chips for other imprisoned terrorists, and to allow Hamas to survive the war is to demand the extinction of Israel. Biden, Blinken, the Democratic administration and the antisemitic magma that surrounds them are not unaware of this fact. However, they have boycotted Israel in its existential battle against Hamas and Hezbollah and, ultimately, against Iran in exchange for a handful of votes. They all know that there is no solution in which both parties are satisfied because Hamas's happiness is that Israel disappears, and Israel's survival depends on Hamas disappearing.

As the campaign progresses, Biden's stance becomes more and more treacherous to please Muslim voters and the woke left that supports them. Under the pressure of the Democratic election, the entire North American administration is dedicated to forcing Israel to withdraw from a war in which it has existential risks. The presidential election is worth everything. Hamas knows this, and it knows it is defeated unless it achieves the diplomatic miracle of the U.S. forcing Israel to surrender. Let everything return to normal when they return to power as in recent years, taking advantage of the solidarity of ignorance and international antisemitism and receiving money from the UN to rebuild their tunnels and attack daily while they prepare the next incursion. Because they are going to strike again, it is not speculation. It is what Hamas has declared. They will attack as long as they exist, and it seems their existence generates many votes.

Biden is the floating log that Hamas is clinging to so as not to sink. The equidistance and false indignation of the president, his administration and his formal and informal partners are a ruse to force Israel to give in under the pressure of permanent scandal (a scandal that no other war, not even their own, produces). False indignation is manipulated to impose paralysis in the face of the war against terrorism, which serves as a precedent to nullify the ability to defend ourselves throughout the West.