The death of democracy in Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court decided to remove Donald Trump from the presidential ballot.

The Colorado Supreme Court, in a split decision, barred former President Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 presidential ballot. Therefore, four judges have taken away the people's right in Colorado to vote for whoever they want. This matter sets a dark precedent for the country, and the Court's decision should be rejected by both Republicans and Democrats, as it is an attack on democracy and the Constitution.

Democratic governors appointed the seven judges of the Colorado Court, which is one of the most liberal courts in the country. Still, three voted against the measure because it attacks the Constitution and sets a dangerous precedent for the country.

The Court relied on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to make the decision. This clause was written just after the Civil War to prevent former Confederates from serving in Congress. It was created for particular issues in that context and, as such, has nothing to do with the election of a president.

In different states, the courts have already stopped this type of meaningless lawsuit, but liberals achieved an unlikely result in the Colorado Court. There are other cases in other states that have not yet been defined, and depending on how the Colorado matter develops, they could issue a decision in favor or against. This is one of the reasons why the U.S. Supreme Court should rule quickly on the matter and do so unanimously to send a strong message against electoral interference by these Colorado judges.

Former President Trump's spokesperson assured in a statement that they will present an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and a simultaneous request to suspend the decision of the Colorado Court. Jurists of different political affiliations believe this should be an easy decision for the Court's judges and that we could very quickly see the rejection of the Colorado decision. There are currently lawsuits of this type in several swing states that will be fundamental for the 2024 electoral result, so it is vitally important that the U.S. Supreme Court express itself forcefully and prevent a handful of judges in different states from election interference.

The decision of the Colorado Supreme Court is highly worrying because it shows a high degree of politicization of Justice and confirms the doubts of millions of Americans who claim not to believe in the country's judicial system. It also provides new arguments to those who see the investigations into former President Trump as political persecution. And it shows the great lengths that Democrats are willing to go to in order to eliminate Trump from the electoral competition.

It is terrifying that in a country like the United States, extreme leftist ideas have infiltrated the judicial system and that they dare to say that to defend democracy, people must be prevented from voting for their preferred candidate. We have reached the point where the right to vote is openly threatened.

The decision of the Colorado Court is unconstitutional, and the fact is that it opens the door down a perilous path. Both political parties should reject this attempt by four liberal judges to take away the right to vote from the citizens of Colorado. This is not fundamentally about Trump's right to participate in an election but rather about the American people's right to elect the president they want.