'The Crowded Room' beats Spiderman: Tom Holland to temporarily quit career due to mental exhaustion

According to the actor, Apple's psychological thriller was too much of a strain on him and he claims to need a long break.

Tom Holland needs to take a break. This is what the British actor revealed on Thursday. According to statements made in an interview, Holland will leave acting for at least a year before returning to any production.

The protagonist of the most recent Spiderman saga noted that he is mentally and psychically tired and needs rest. Just this week, Holland presented his latest work with Apple TV, The Crowded Room, a psychological thriller dealing with mental issues. It is the first series that the 27-year-old actor stars in and produces.

Holland's requested break is linked to the production of The Crowded Room. According to the actor, his mental exhaustion is due to the demands endured during filming. "In The Crowded Room we explored certain emotions that I had never experienced before. And also, being a producer, dealing with the day-to-day issues that come up on the set of any movie, added that extra level of pressure," Holland said in the interview. "The series broke me," the actor said.

Committed to mental health

Tom Holland is aware of the dangers involved in the mental health of actors and celebrities. In the summer of 2022, he quit social media because, as he clarified in a video, it caused him stress and anxiety problems. Holland is involved with mental health and collaborates with several charities that work with this issue.

Holland plans to spend his sabbatical spending time with loved ones, golfing and gardening.