The Chilean prosecutor's office links the Aragua Train with the murder of Ronald Ojeda

The only detainee so far, a 17-year-old teenager, was admitted to a juvenile center.

The coordinating regional prosecutor for the Organized Crime and Homicides team, Héctor Barros, claimed that ongoing investigations link the Aragua Train with the kidnapping and murder of former Venezuelan lieutenant Ronald Ojeda. Likewise, the 17-year-old teenager arrested for his alleged participation in the events has been admitted to a juvenile detention center while the investigation continues.

In statements to the media reported by El Nuevo Herald, Barros reported on the latest developments in the Chilean authorities' investigation, which indicates that "there is a transnational organization operating in this kidnapping linked to organized crime," and that it is probably the criminal group from Venezuela.

We have carried out a series of procedures to establish the participation of each of the accused, with the complexities that this means in a context of organized transnational crime, linked mainly to the Aragua Train, which has been committing different crimes such as kidnapping.

The prosecutor also pointed out that the court "proved the accused participated by 'providing cover in the vicinity of the victim's home.'" In addition, the court has allocated 60 days to continue the investigation and confirmed that the search continues for two other suspects, who have already been identified because they played a "very important role in the events." According to Barros, both “directly participated in the kidnapping inside the building and in the victim's apartment.”

Ojeda's family believes that it was "an order"

Juan Carlos Maríquez, a lawyer representing the victim's family, pointed out that "the alleged criminal organization was carrying out an assignment" and claimed that "there is no indication that Ojeda was linked to any illicit activity."