Taylor Swift dazzles during the first night of 'The Eras Tour' in Spain

The artist managed to bring together 65,000 people during the show she offered this Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid.

Taylor Swift performed her first concert in Spain on Wednesday after more than a decade, and she was well aware of its significance, announcing it at the beginning of her performance. The show took place at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which was filled with more than 65,000 eager fans. This concert, part of "The Eras Tour," became the largest ever by a female artist in Spain, surpassing Beyoncé, who drew 53,000 people to the Estadi Olímpic Stadium in Barcelona in 2023.

Sold out with 65.000 people in Madrid!!!!!

The Swiftie party officially began after 7 p.m., although fans had been queuing for hours to enter Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The concert kicked off at 7 o'clock when Hayley Williams and her band, Paramore, took the stage to warm up the audience before Taylor Swift's arrival. Despite this being Paramore's final tour and a successful one at that, the Spanish crowd didn't quite move Williams as much as the Lisbon audience did. Nevertheless, many attendees sang along to Paramore's songs, supporting the band in what was their penultimate concert in Spain:

The audience at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, expectant minutes before Taylor Swift's eagerly awaited concert in the Spanish capital.

Blake Lively, surprise guest at the concert in Spain

Fifteen minutes after Paramore it was Taylor Swift's turn. Thus, after 8:10 p.m., and amid the cheers of the public, the international star entered. After performing her song 'Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince',  she spoke what would be her first words of the night: "I haven't seen a beautiful Spanish crowd in 13 years, but we're back. We will never be away for so long again!," she promised before some attendees who included well-known figures such as the Spanish singer Aitana, the Haim sisters or the the U.S. actor couple of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively:

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively among those attending Taylor Swift's concert at Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu stadium

Taylor Swift reviews her 18-year musical career

That was the beginning of a show measured to the last minute in which she reviews her 18 years of musical career, "one Era at a time," according to the artist herself. Thus, with a duration of three hours and twenty minutes, Taylor Swift dazzled her audience by performing up to 45 songs, among which were some of her most popular hits such as 'Cruel summer,' 'Shake it off,' '22' and 'Love story' and where she also winked at the Spanish flag with one of the looks that she decided to wear, as her fans highlighted:

She also surprised her fans with her  choice of surprise songs, the acoustic section of the "Eras Tour" that began with a guitar performance of a mash-up of 'Sparks fly' and 'I can fix him (no really I can)':

After this it was time for the piano. There she delighted the audience with a new mix of two songs: 'I look in people's windows' and 'Snow on the beach,' a song in which also participates the singer Lana del Rey who, despite being in Spain, could not accompany the artist, as Taylor Swift was responsible for announcing:

The Spanish attendees at the "Eras Tour," for their part, were not far behind and managed to move the artist after applauding her for more than two and a half minutes right after her performance in 'Champagne problems.'

In addition, they managed to get the artist to momentarily change the lyrics of her song 'Are you ready for it?' to mention the city in which she was performing, Madrid. City that tonight will welcome the artist again just before Taylor Swift continues with her tour in Lyon, where she will perform on June 2 and 3.

She said in Madrid!