Strong reactions in the United States against the Iranian attack on Israel: The White House, congressmen and governors condemn the Islamic regime

“Our commitment to Israel’s security against threats from Iran and its proxies is ironclad,” said President Joe Biden.

After several days of threats, Iran finally launched this Saturday a massive and unprecedented air attack with more than 100 drones against Israel.

The reaction of the U.S. authorities came immediately and at practically all levels: the White House, congressmen and governors from all over the country condemned the Islamic regime in unison for its attack against Israeli territory.

"I just met with my national security team for an update on Iran's attacks against Israel. Our commitment to Israel's security against threats from Iran and its proxies is ironclad," President Joe Biden announced on his X (Twitter) account.

In the image, President Biden is accompanied by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown, CIA Director Bill Burns and more officials.

Earlier, the White House also issued a statement strongly supporting Israel in the face of the Iranian regime's attack.

The White House National Security Council spokesperson, Adrienne Watson, confirmed the massive offensive and explained that it could take several hours.

Meanwhile, congressmen from all over the country, especially Republicans, not only expressed their support for Israel but also asked the White House to be firm in defending the main American partner in the Middle East.

"As Israel faces this vicious attack from Iran, America must show our full resolve to stand with our critical ally," House Speaker Mike Johnson wrote in a statement. "The world must be assured: Israel is not alone."

"I will continue to engage with the White House to insist upon a proper response," continued the Republican leader, who also took aim at Joe Biden for distancing himself from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent weeks. "The Biden Administration's undermining of Israel and appeasement of Iran have contributed to these terrible developments."

Meanwhile, senior members of the Senate, such as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who serves as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, condemned Iran's attack on Israel and blamed the Biden administration for the event.

"Iran has encircled Israel and has been attacking our Israeli allies from almost every front for months. They have launched attacks from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, the West Bank, Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, and of course the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Now they have escalated by launching attacks directly from Iranian territory," Cruz said in a statement. "These attacks are enabled and financed by deliberate policy choices made by Joe Biden and Biden officials, who have allowed roughly $100 billion to flow to Iran since 2021. Americans and Israelis have been made catastrophically more vulnerable by these policies."

Likewise, Senator Roger Wicker, who is the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement that the U.S. commitment to Israel is unobjectionable.

"This is the moment for the United States to show we stand together with our allies. Our shared enemies, including Iran and their proxies, need to know our commitment is unwavering," the senator said. "We must join with Israel to ensure that Iran's aggression is met with resolute action and resounding strength."

Some Democratic congressional leaders also backed Israel in the face of the Iranian attacks.

"As Israel is under attack from Iran, we stand with Israel and its people, and the United States will do everything we can to support Israel's defense against Iran," Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wrote.

However, other Democratic leaders, such as veteran Representative Nancy Pelosi or Vice President Kamala Harris, have not yet commented on the attacks against Israel and Iran's threats against the United States for helping to repel drones.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, also a Republican and adversary of the Biden administration, directly questioned the weakness of the U.S. president and blamed the White House for the attacks for refusing to defend Israel in recent weeks.

"Texas stands with Israel and its people. Always. Our prayers are with Israel and our Jewish friends around the world," Abbott said.

Likewise, former President Donald Trump, the virtual Republican candidate for the November elections, launched a series of publications on his Truth social media showing his unrestricted support for Israel and also criticizing President Joe Biden for his response to the attack.

The Republican leader also stated that if he were president of the United States, Iran would never have dared to attack Israel.