Serious accusation by Argentina's foreign minister: She claims that there are agents from Cuba and Venezuela trying to "remove" Milei from office

Diana Mondino claimed that these are "specialists in destabilizing governments."

Javier Milei has been president of Argentina for several months now. The libertarian took office last December 10 after defeating Sergio Massa in the elections and becoming the most-voted candidate in the country's history. A few hours before the opening of the Ordinary Sessions, which in the United States is known as the State of the Union, the government confirmed that foreign agents are seeking to destabilize his recent presidency.

Diana Mondino, current Foreign Minister, recently spoke to TN, a local television channel, and stated that "there are infiltrators from Cuba and Venezuela in the country who are specialists in destabilizing governments. It has been proven in several ways, some of them looked like journalists."

"In the riots that took place a few years ago in Chile the same thing happened, so evidently they are people who have an important degree of preparation," she added.

As for these agents' possible objectives, the foreign minister claims they came to "make trouble" to remove Milei from the Casa Rosada. "They come to make trouble, someone pays them to come to make trouble or to stop making trouble. The prize for removing Javier must be very big," she added.

The government claims people are being forced to attend marches against Milei

The new administration inaugurated a telephone line, number 134, for people to report complaints of possible extortion or coercion to attend demonstrations against the president.

A few hours before the president's speech before Congress, Patricia Bullrich stated that they received more than 800 complaints.

"There is a strong (security) operation in Congress. A number of organizations called for mobilizations. Yesterday (Thursday) we received 803 calls to line 134 due to the great degree of pressure people are facing. They are being told that they should go and try to jump over the fences of the Congress. We are going to carry out an operation which is needed for the opening of sessions and especially when there are groups that mobilize with ideological prejudice," explained the minister of security.