Senator Rick Scott asks that Maduro's 'elections' in Venezuela not be legitimized: 'Biden needs to reimpose sanctions now'

The Republican senator from Florida denounced the Venezuelan electoral process as being manipulated and directed by the dictatorship.

Amid the blockades of the Nicolás Maduro regime against opposition candidates for the next "elections" in Venezuela, several U.S. Republican congressmen have raised strong criticism and calls not to recognize the results, stating that the electoral process is being manipulated and directed by the dictatorship.

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott expressed his firm position on the matter, calling the elections illegitimate and directly controlled by Maduro. "The US, our allies and all freedom-loving countries can't recognize this as a free and fair election unless these conditions change," Scott declared.

Likewise, he urged President Biden not to play Maduro's game and to take immediate measures to reimpose sanctions against the Venezuelan regime. "Biden needs to stop playing Maduro's game and reimpose sanctions now," he said.

Other members of the Republican Party have also demanded action against Nicolás Maduro's oppression and have called for the reimposition of sanctions on the Venezuelan regime.

Senator Marco Rubio is one of those who has warned that the actions of "Maduro's criminal narco-regime" serve as evidence that the dictatorship will do everything possible to remain illegitimately in power.

The representative of Florida, María Elvira Salazar, also insisted on the importance of stopping negotiations with Maduro and has stressed the importance of passing a bill that would hold the Venezuelan regime responsible for both the repression against opposition leaders and the persistent impediments in the registration of candidates for the presidency of Venezuela.

It is important to remember that the Nicolás Maduro regime committed to ensuring fair presidential elections and resolving political disqualifications in exchange for relief from the sanctions that affect the oil, gas and gold sectors that weighed on the dictatorial regime.

However, the Venezuelan dictator has violated the agreement not only by illegitimately disqualifying opposition leader María Corina Machado but also by intensifying the persecution and repression against other opponents and activists and by preventing the registration of candidates who have the support of Machado.

Despite these violations, the Biden administration appears reluctant to reimpose sanctions on Venezuela's authoritarian regime.