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Nicolas Maduro's regime mocks Biden again, violating the Barbados agreement by disqualifying Maria Corina Machado, Venezuela's main opposition leader

The opposition's favorite candidate denounced the Supreme Court's decision as an attempt to rig the upcoming presidential elections.

Nicolas Maduro, during a press conference

Nicolás Maduro / Cordon Press.

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The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela ratified the disqualification of the opposition presidential candidate María Corina Machado from holding public office. The opposition leader denounced that this measure is a direct violation of the Barbados Agreement.

The TSJ communicated through social networks that it would review the cases of political disqualifications allegedly in line with the Barbados Agreement signed between Maduro's regime and the opposition last year. In this pact, Maduro committed to ensuring fair presidential elections and the eventual resolution of the political disqualifications. In exchange, the United States eased sanctions affecting the oil, gas and gold sectors.

This Friday, however, the judicial body controlled by the ruling party decided to maintain the disqualification of the winner of the opposition's presidential primary by arguing that the appeal filed by Machado on December 15 did not comply with the established requirements. The TSJ stated that Machado will remain disqualified for 15 years for allegedly promoting international sanctions and for her connection with an alleged corruption scheme.

María Corina Machado denounces violation of the agreement

After the court's decision, the opposition leader published a statement through social networks, asserting that she would continue to bet on "conquering democracy through free and fair elections."

Likewise, she highlighted that the decision of Maduro's regime put an end to the agreement signed in Barbados. "Maduro and his criminal system chose the worst path for them: fraudulent elections. That is not going to happen. No doubt about it, we'll fight until the end," she added.

TSJ upholds the disqualification of another opposition candidate

The TSJ also decided to maintain the political disqualification of two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, and as in the case of María Corina, with a duration of 15 years.

Maduro once again mocks the Biden administration

Last year, Joe Biden's administration made a pact with the Venezuelan dictatorship to ease sanctions against Nicolás Maduro's regime as long as the Barbados Agreement was followed. However, shortly after signing the agreement, the government committed not one but several infractions against the Venezuelan opposition. This last decision seems to be the greatest proof that Maduro is unwilling to hold fair presidential elections.

Despite this, the Biden administration has not only maintained the easing of sanctions but recently decided to once again benefit the dictatorship by releasing the Colombian Álex Saab, accused of being one of the leading frontmen of dictator Nicolás Maduro.

"Now is the time to COMPLETELY cut ties with Venezuela"

International relations expert Agustin Antonetti reacted with anger to the recent announcement of the TSJ and asked all pro-democracy countries to speak out, cut relations with Venezuela and reestablish sanctions.

"The Venezuelan dictatorship has just canceled elections. Maduro has decided not to have any opposition; he will compete on his own," he criticized. "Now is the time to COMPLETELY cut ties with Venezuela (...) Enough with lukewarmness," he added.