Romeoville crime: Suspect and companion die following police chase in Oklahoma

A 32-year-old man and a woman were found in a vehicle with gunshot wounds after a chase.

The only two suspects, to date, in the murder of an entire family and their pets in Romeoville, Illinois, died in a police chase in Oklahoma. This was reported by the Romeoville Police Department in an update on the case.

According to the Police Department, the investigation led to a 32-year-old man who was identified as a suspect. Nathaniel Huey, a male resident of the town of Streamwood, Ill., was being sought by authorities in the case. According to ABC Chicago, Huey had a dangerous profile. The Police described him as "irrational" and "erratic," in addition to ensuring that he had extensive training with firearms.

Along with him was a woman, whose identity was unknown to the media and who was earlier reported missing to Streawood authorities by her family. The woman's profile was added to the wanted persons database on Tuesday.

The same afternoon, the Romeoville Police Department shared a search warrant for Huey with state law enforcement. Thanks to this order, officers from the Catoosa Police Department, Olkahoma, received an alert on Wednesday with the license plate number of Huey's vehicle.

Oklahoma Chase

Catoosa Police found the empty vehicle and began combing the area for the two persons of interest to the Romeoville investigation. Huey and the woman escaped from the officers and returned to the vehicle. They skipped a roadblock and police units began a chase.

While fleeing, Huey's vehicle crashed into a concrete wall, which completely stopped the car and caused it to catch fire. According to the Romeoville statement, Catoosa officers who approached Huey's car then heard several sounds that resembled gunshots. When they reached the vehicle to evacuate the suspects, both had gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

Authorities believe that Huey was driving the vehicle, while the missing woman occupied the passenger seat. The Romeoville Police Department assured in its statement that these events do not put an end to the investigation and that they continue working to clarify the murder of a couple of Puerto Rican origin, their two children and their three dogs in the 500 block of Concord Avenue.