Rand Paul accuses Mike Johnson of 'siding with Democrats' on FISA warrants

The senator appeared on Maria Bartiromo's program and demanded that the speaker "show some co****" and stand up to Joe Biden's party.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Sunday accused Mike Johnson of "siding with the Democrats" regarding FISA warrants. The senator demanded that the speaker of the House of Representatives "show some c****" and stand up to Joe Biden's party.

It occurred during the Kentucky senator's appearance on the Fox program hosted by Maria Bartiromo. There, the Republican senator also called out the speaker when Bartiromo asked him about the budget deficit projected for 2024. There, Paul said in statements reported by Fox News Digital that the deficit will be "$1.5 and 2 trillion" and that the blame falls almost entirely on Johnson's management:

That's Mike Johnson's bill. He put it forward. He supported it with a minority of Republicans [and] with a majority of Democrats. This is not using the power of the purse. This is abdicating the power of the purse,

Finally, Rand Paul spoke about FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrants and Johnson's role. Paul claimed that Mike Johnson should protect FISA and not side with Democrats to achieve what the speaker wants:

Americans shouldn't be spied on by their own government. The Fourth Amendment was put in by our Founding Fathers to protect us. FISA doesn't obey the Fourth Amendment, and so Speaker Johnson was incredibly wrong. He broke the tie. He voted with the Democrats. Here we have the leader of the Republicans in the House voting with the Democrats against a warrant requirement. We also have Speaker Johnson voting for the spending package once again with a majority of the Democrats. The speaker's got to be a speaker. He's got to be a leader of his party, not capitulator to the other party.