Putin and Kim Jong-Un strengthen ties "against imperialism"

The leaders of Russia and North Korea met behind closed doors with their defense officials, the content of the meeting was not disclosed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un met at Russia's Vostochny Cosmodrome. During the part of the meeting to which the press was allowed access, Kim Jong-Un expressed his support for Russia and showed his confidence that both countries "will always be together in the struggle against imperialism." Although officially both leaders indicated that they would talk about economic and humanitarian aspects, also on the table was the possible delivery of ammunition and weapons from Pyongyang to Moscow and the deployment of artificial satellites.

Korea asked Russia for help in deploying satellites

Kim Jong-Un arrived at the base in his armored train, while the Russian president traveled to the meeting site by plane. Before the meeting, Putin showed the North Korean dictator the facilities, where currently, the Angara rocket is under development. The Angara rocket is designed to put into orbit large payloads, a factor which especially caught the attention of the guest, according to the Russian agency RIA. The Kremlin leader later confirmed that they would help Korea build and deploy its own satellites.

Kim Jong-Un expresses his "full and unconditional support" for Putin's "sacred war"

After a brief meeting before the media, both leaders met for more than an hour and a half behind closed doors along with their defense officials. Official media and spokesmen from both sides have not provided information on the content of this second part, although the North Korean dictator expressed the "total and unconditional support" of his country to the "sacred war" of Russia to defend its national security.