Pro-Palestinian Google employees protest against contract with Israel in New York, California and Seattle offices

Some of the protesters stormed in traditional Islamic veils and others chose to demonstrate by sitting in the company's offices.

Several pro-Palestinian Google employees protested at the company's headquarters in New York, California and Seattle to demand that Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion contract with Israel involving Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, does not go ahead.

"The pro-Palestinian employees, part of a group called 'No Tech for Apartheid', used social media accounts on X and Twitch to post images and live video of their takeover of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based office of Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud," reported The New York Post.

Meanwhile, it was learned that some of the protesters broke into various buildings wearing traditional Islamic veils while others chose to protest by sitting in the company's offices.

The activist workers read statements denouncing the company over its contract with the Israel government, which the group accuses of carrying out a 'genocide' in its bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip — following the Hamas massacre of Israelis on Oct. 7.

Likewise, media outlets such as The New York Post have tried to talk to a Google representative, but they have not responded. Meanwhile, footage obtained from the Twitch livestream confirmed that protesters invaded the CEO's office. As proof, in the recording a Golden State Warriors basketball jersey with Kurian's name is seen hanging on the wall in the background.

Tech firms with overwhelmingly left-leaning workforces such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and others have been grappling with employee unrest over the Israel-Hamas war.