Podcast: Why are Hispanics leaving the Democratic Party?

We spoke with the director of Hispanic communications for Donald Trump's campaign about the latest polls and the Hispanic vote.

More and more polls are making it clear that the Democratic Party is losing the Hispanic vote. The latest New York Times poll leaves Joe Biden and Donald Trump practically tied among Hispanics. The issue has Democrats concerned, who for years believed they had won the Hispanic vote. In today's podcast we talk about it with Jaime Flórez, director of Hispanic communications for the Republican National Committee and the Donald Trump Campaign.

Flórez said that one of the fundamental factors that worries Hispanics is the economy and that it is clear to families that the situation has worsened since Biden became president. The campaign's Hispanic communications director recalled that during the Trump era, Hispanics had record low unemployment figures. He claimed that although Democrats insist on denying the setback that the economy has experienced under the current administration, the issue is evident to all Americans, including Hispanics.

For decades, Democrats have called the Republican Party racist. They have promised to carry out immigration reforms to favor Hispanics. However, Flórez said that although on many occasions the Democratic Party has had the chance to reform immigration, it has not done so. He said that Hispanics have been deceived in various elections by Democrats who make promises that they don’t keep, not only in terms of immigration but also on various topics. Flórez insisted that the border issue must be addressed in accordance with the law, and migration must be allowed but legally. He pointed out that all Americans, including Hispanics, want a safe country.

Regarding the trials the former president is facing, Flórez pointed out that it is increasingly evident that this is political persecution and that is why Trump’s numbers are increasing in the polls despite all the accusations against him. He also highlighted that for months former President Trump has wanted to debate Biden and that just this week the Democrat has decided to accept the debate. Flórez claimed that the large number of conditions that Democrats have imposed to hold the debate only confirms President Biden's weakness and his increasingly evident cognitive problems.