Podcast: Argentina chooses between misery and freedom

Litwak reminds us there is no such thing as "neutrality." Whoever decides not to vote it benefits Massa.

Argentina will have a presidential runoff to elect its next president. The decision is between the officialist Sergio Massa and the libertarian Javier Milei. The race is quite close, and both candidates have a chance of winning the presidency. If Milei becomes the winner, it would be a historic event, not only for Argentina but for the entire region: a libertarian in the presidency.

In today's podcast, we talk with Martin Litwak, an Argentine lawyer specializing in estate planning, about the possible scenarios that may occur. For Litwak, Massa's victory does not simply mean four years of bad government, but he believes that it would end in a prolongation of leftist policies. This is at a time when the Argentine economy is so bad that the country cannot afford any more mistakes. Currently, 40% of Argentines live below the poverty line.

Regarding Milei, Litwak recognizes the obvious, the libertarian has a quite particular personality, but his ideas regarding the economy are solid and are what the country needs. Litwak believes that all those who are experiencing a difficult economic situation should give their vote to Milei. Massa is one of the culprits of the inflationary tragedy that Argentina is experiencing as he is the Minister of Economy. He has already proven that his proposals are useless. Meanwhile, Milei represents a change. A change to liberalism, an ideology that has proven its effectiveness throughout the world.

Regarding liberals, people on the right, or moderates who have doubts about Milei, Litwak reminds us there is no such thing as "neutrality." Whoever decides not to vote it benefits Massa. And clearly, Massa's ideas are statist, while Milei's are liberal.