Patriotic Pride: Several Massachusetts students wear red, white and blue on LGBT Day

This is how some middle school students responded when educational authorities prompted them to wear rainbow colors.

Several students at Marshall Simonds Middle School, located in Burlington, Mass., wore red, white and blue clothing as a tribute to the U.S. flag during LGBT Pride Day celebrations.

The students' decision came after teachers at the school prompted them to wear rainbow-colored clothing to show their support for the LGBT community. Educators called these students "intolerant" of the school's woke stance, even though they never acted violently at any time and were simply expressing their affection for the American flag.

In statements picked up by CBS News, Burlington Equity Coalition Co-Chair Nancy Bonassera assured that these acts will continue to happen in the near future:

On that same day there was a counter-demonstration in response to what should have been a day to celebrate. Students wore red, white and blue clothing, chanted, "My pronouns are USA!" and destroyed rainbow decorations at the school. ... We also believe that without any direct and concrete action, these incidents will reoccur and increase in severity. These displays of intolerance and homophobia are unacceptable and impact the whole community.

Marshall Simonds Middle School Principal Cari Perchase sided with the woke community:

I want to publicly state that I stand in solidarity and support of the members of the LGBTQ community who were impacted by these events. I am truly sorry that a day meant for you to celebrate your identity turned into a day of intolerance.