Part of Europe and the UN mock the victims of Palestinian terrorism

While Israel is still fighting a war against Hamas after the brutal massacre on October 7, Norway, Ireland and Spain have decided to reward the terrorists by announcing that they will recognize a Palestinian state. Meanwhile, the U.N. chose to honor the murderers by paying tribute to Ebrahim Raisi, 'the Butcher of Tehran.'

Following the massacre October 7 massacre, committed by the savage beasts of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations, as well as too many civilians (murderous racists who do not officially belong to a certain group), the time has come for part of Europe to reward these Palestinian terrorists and mock their victims.

For some, not only should criminals- rapists, baby killers and murderers of entire families -go unpunished, but it is also necessary to laugh at the murdered, the kidnapped and their families. They are even awarded because the victims were Jews, lived in the Jewish State, or were visiting there.

This disgraceful act by the leaders of Norway, Ireland and Spain, who recently announced that they will recognize the existence of a Palestinian state starting May 28, will not be forgotten. By deciding to reward the perpetrators of a historic massacre, these countries are nothing more than accomplices of Islamic terrorism, which also affects Europe. Would they similarly recognize an independent ISIS caliphate if, God forbid, another attack occurs on their soil?

The decision, as expected, was celebrated by their friends in Hamas. The terrorists described the recognition of a Palestinian state as an "important stage" and demanded that the rest of the world join the path taken by Norway, Ireland and Spain.

"We see this as an important step towards affirming our right to land and establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital," Hamas said in a statement obtained by AFP.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had a similar reaction. They called it a "historic" moment.

The announcement comes almost two weeks after Josep Borrell, the European Union (EU) foreign policy representative, confirmed that the Spanish government would recognize a Palestinian state.  

What a pair the socialists Borrell and Pedro Sánchez make, right? Borrell, who regularly condemns Israel for defending itself from genocidal terrorism, seems unbothered by Iran's desire to destroy the Jewish state. “You have to live with that,” he said a few years ago, showing his selective intolerance. Meanwhile, Sánchez, who remains in power through questionable political maneuvers and faces numerous questions in Spain over a corruption case involving his wife, dared to criticize Israel's response to the brutal massacre and announced plans to recognize a Palestinian state. Is it any surprise that these two allies of Islamist terrorism reward such terrorism and mock its victims?

The UN and the International Criminal Court also mock the victims and reward Islamic terrorism

As expected, the U.N., led by António Guterres, who has previously justified the massacre perpetrated by Hamas, did not miss out on joining the awards and celebrations held by some Europeans on the graves of the victims.

This Monday, the U.N. Security Council held a minute of silence in honor of the late President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi, known as the Butcher of Tehran for his role in the brutal repression of dissent in his country.

During the moment, Robert Wood, deputy ambassador of the United States to the United Nations, was seen participating in the questioned minute of silence at the request of Russia, China and Algeria, which sparked strong criticism in the United States. 

The act of honoring the Butcher of Tehran comes almost two weeks after the United Nations General Assembly voted to recommend Palestine's accession to the U.N. and its recognition. The resolution, a victory for Palestinian terrorism, was approved with 143 votes in favor, nine against and 25 abstentions. The result shows that the majority of governments believe they should reward those who commit atrocities against Jews or against anyone who dares to coexist or attend a music festival with them, effectively mocking the victims and spitting on their graves. There is no other possible explanation.

And if that were not enough, the U.N. Watch organization recently exposed that employees of the United Nations Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRWA) are stealing and selling humanitarian aid materials intended for those in need in Gaza. When they're not engaging in these activities, they're indoctrinating Palestinian children with hatred, inciting the murder of Jews, or participating in terrorist activities.

Karim Khan, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) also decided to join in and mock the victims and their families. This Monday, he requested the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for crimes committed in the Gaza Strip during the ground military operation against the terrorist group Hamas.

In the same announcement, Khan called for the arrest of the three main Hamas leaders, Yahya Sinwar, Mohamed Deif Diab Ibrahim al Masri and Ismail Haniyeh, whom he accuses of being responsible for several crimes against humanity committed against the Israeli civilian population on October 7.

By equating the government of the only democracy in the Middle East that defends itself by respecting international law with the genocidal terrorist group that committed a historic massacre against innocent civilians, the prosecutor has decided to mock the victims and reward the murderous beasts who wouldn't hesitate to harm him if given the chance. 

What is the objective of recognizing a Palestinian state?

Surely, many will think that these recognitions are not directed at Hamas, but at the Palestinian Authority that governs the West Bank and is led by Mahmoud Abbas, the moderate who justified the Holocaust because of the Jews' supposed relationship with “usury and money.” Others may believe that this is actually a gesture towards Palestinian civilians. But which civilians are they referring to? Those who entered Israel on October 7 to commit the same atrocities as the official terrorists or those who justified the massacre and represent the majority of innocent Palestinian civilians?

Dor Shahar, a former Gaza resident who converted to Judaism and currently lives in Israel, said in statements to Voz Media that 99% of Gazans support terrorism. In any case, the Jewish state complies with international law in war, while Hamas and other terrorist groups use these civilians as human shields. According to a significant part of the world, this action also deserves to be rewarded.

In any case, rewarding Palestine with various recognitions at this time mocks the victims of the October 7 massacre and so many others who have suffered from Islamist terrorism. It is an extremely cynical and opportunistic act, the benefits of which are unclear. Moreover, it is not evident who these measures are intended to benefit. As Mossab Hassan Yousef, son of a former Hamas founder and a harsh critic of Islamist terrorism points out, Palestine is made up of various tribes that hate each other, and if it weren't for Israel, they would be killing each other.

Clearly, many are more interested in demonizing Israel than in easing Palestinian suffering. The results of such actions are and will continue to be shocking for the free world, except for those who want to put an end to it.