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An open letter to António Guterres, an ideal secretary general for the UN

After justifying Hamas' attack on southern Israel, I have no doubt that a nefarious organization like the United Nations deserves a nefarious leader like you.

Imagen de archivo del secretario general de la ONU António Guterres en 2022.

/ Cordon Press

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Mr. Guterres, I am not going to greet you, you do not deserve to be treated with so much respect because you don't respect good people. You have supported a brutal attack against the Jewish (and non-Jewish) population reminiscent of what the Nazis did during the Holocaust.

You remind me of the tyrannical, corrupt, billionaire moderate leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, who recently justified the Holocaust by stating that Hitler murdered millions of Jews because they "were dealing with usury and money." You argued that the massacre perpetrated by the inhumane beasts of Hamas was not committed "in a vacuum," implying that these people deserved what happened to them. Entire families were murdered in an instant, people were kidnapped, some were tortured, babies were decapitated and women were raped. But forget about us: To you, we are surely some damned Jews, Zionists and occupiers with horns on our heads, who only think about money and want to take over the world. No problem, I don't expect anything from heartless parasites like you, but you haven't even forgiven the non-Jews and non-Israelis who were murdered by your Hamas friends.

In the history of humanity, all-powerful criminals have used (and continue to use) all kinds of excuses related to the demonization of others. They tried (and continue to try) to convince the masses to join their slaughter or, at least, justify it. Everyone has done it: radical Islamists, communists, Nazis, and even recently a UN secretary general. You have used the excuse of the "suffocating occupation" that Palestinians suffer. Let me remind you, in case you don't remember, that Israel withdrew from Gaza unilaterally in 2005. Do you remember it now? Ariel Sharon from the far right did it. What have they been doing there since then? The same as always. They're destroying what the Israelis had built, receiving more and more money from the world to support themselves and attacking the Jewish State with more force and frequency.

The question is what decision the free world is going to make regarding the UN.

You know very well that Hamas is not interested in peace or land. It only seeks to exterminate all the Jews, as a first obstacle to continuing with the rest of the infidels, of course. This terrorist organization is part of the global jihad, only it has the privilege of having its main enemies as neighbors. But that doesn't interest you, of course, because of a combination of hatred and cowardice. Beyond your already explicit anti-Semitism, you know very well that the Israelis will only demand you resign, while radical Islam can have you killed or attack your country if it gets upset with you.

Of course, I do not agree with Israel's ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan, who asked you to resign. I think you should remain in office, after all, a nefarious being like yourself is suitable for a nefarious organization like the United Nations, where people usually look the other way at the crimes committed by the most bloodthirsty tyrannies in the world, but is responsible for condemning the freest country in the Middle East and one of the freest on the planet. However, one cannot expect less from an organization in which authoritarian and bloodthirsty regimes such as those of Cuba, Iran, China, Russia, etc., dare to teach moral classes to the world. It's tragic.

Given all of the above, it is not surprising that the UN has decided to approve a non-binding resolution calling for "durable and sustained humanitarian truce" in Gaza, instead of supporting Canada's proposal to condemn the terrorist group's massacre. The pro-Islamist terrorism resolution was approved with 120 votes in favor and only 14 against.

Of course, you must remain general secretary of that vile organization that can only guarantee the suicide of the West. The question is what decision will the free world make regarding the UN?

You have every right to support the slow and painful suicide of the West, a reality that much of Europe is suffering from.

Mr. Secretary General, the Jewish people and all citizens of Israel have overcome situations worse than the current one. You think they will also recover from these hard blows. However, your defense of Islamist terrorism, Mr. Guterres, further harms the Palestinians, whom you claim to care about dearly. They pay the consequences of living under a bloody and corrupt tyranny, which oppresses them daily in the worst way, which keeps them in poverty and indoctrinates them in hatred from a young age to use them as cannon fodder to advance their dark objectives of death and authoritarianism based on Islamist ideology. War is not good for anyone, but least of all for the Palestinians. You know it better than anyone but you prefer to bow down to your terrorist masters because you have today what you consider a common enemy, although liberals like you are also in the crosshairs of radical Islam.

You can go on babbling at the UN all you want, but Israel has to defend itself. You have every right to support the slow and painful suicide of the West, a reality that a good part of Europe is experiencing, which now does not know how to get rid of the Islamist cancer that has already metastasized on the Old Continent.

Mr. Guterres, you are the empty one. You are void of courage, void of dignity, void of common sense, and full of hatred and cowardice. I insist, do not resign, you are the ideal secretary general for the UN.