Outrageous: Colombia's president claims that the Islamic terrorist group Hamas was created by Israel

Gustavo Petro has shared several publications criticizing the Jewish country and has even compared it to the Nazi regime.

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has once again generated controversy after using his social networks to express his opinion on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. He also stated that the Palestinian terrorist group is an invention of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

In a lengthy message, the president assured that the Jewish country seeks to divide the Palestinian people, adding that the existence of Hamas is only a ruse by Israel to achieve this.

Hamas is the invention of Mossad to divide the Palestinian people and have the excuse of punishing them. Terrorism, as  Habermas [the philosopher] said, like all violence, is the absence of communication. Replacing dialogue between dignified peoples and replacing it with pure apartheid and repression only creates desperate and murderous terrorism. The end of terrorism is one: to open the paths of communication between peoples,” said Petro, adding that “what they really want is to expel the Palestinian people from their ancient land and destroy them.”

Controversy over statements

Former President Iván Duque was one of the first to react to Petro’s publication by describing as “inept” the statement that “the Mossad, created in 1949 and reorganized in 1951, created Hamas in 1987.” He also stressed: “It is inept to not recognize that Israel was attacked by terrorism that murdered innocent civilians, including Colombians.”

Gali Dagan, the Israeli ambassador to Colombia, also responded to the statements. However, he did so ironically: “It is true, Mr. President Gustavo Petro, as you mentioned in your tweet, Hamas is indeed an invention of the Mossad. However, I would like to share additional information from our intelligence services, which are among the best in the world: The Wise Men of Zion founded The Gulf Clan. There are still Jews, with prominent and sharp noses, who lead the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.”

Petro published more than 100 posts on X in favor of Palestine

According to an investigation carried out by Voz Media, since the war began in Israel, the socialist president has shared more than 170 publications on X in favor of Palestine between comments, reposts and his own publications. In most of the posts, Petro criticized Israel and even compared it to the Nazi regime.