No private planes: Javier Milei has already saved Argentina hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to his commercial flights

Unlike Javier Milei, the leftist leaders, supposed fighters for the poor, enjoy a private plane.

The unique president of Argentina, libertarian Javier Milei, has not stopped generating discussions since he assumed the presidency at the beginning of December of last year. One of his most striking gestures is that, instead of traveling on private flights, small planes or state planes, Javier Milei decided that he and his team would travel on commercial planes.

He did so shortly after assuming the presidency on a trip to Mar de Plata at the end of December, where he met his partner, Fátima Florez. On December 30, Milei boarded an Aerolíneas Argentinas commercial flight. His team was just three people: his sister and secretary, Karina Milei, and his head of custody and the Minister of Justice, Mariano Cúneo.

The passengers, of course, were excited. As would happen with very few rulers in the world, Milei was cheered and applauded by the rest of the people on the plane. "Long live freedom, damn it!" Milei shouted at them. The passengers, excited, replied: "Long live!"

Then, Javier Milei, now on an international trip, did the same when traveling to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It is his first official trip as president of Argentina, and he did so on a commercial flight, with stops first in Frankfurt and then Zurich.

In the images of the flight to Europe, passengers are also seen excited by Milei's presence. They took photos with him and gave him words of support. A passenger told Javier Milei that she wants to live in Argentina again. He responded, "We are doing everything possible for that."

In this case, his entourage was also relatively small. Again, his sister, Karina Milei; Chief of Staff Nicolás Posse; Minister of Foreign Affairs Diana Mondino; and Minister of Economy Luis Caputo.

Regarding his commercial flights to Davos, the president tweeted, "in fact, the mode of travel that has been chosen has allowed us to save about USD 392,000."

"This money arises from the efforts of Argentines and it is our moral duty to take care of the mango even in the smallest details. If we take care of the coins, the pesos take care of themselves," he added.

Manuel Adorni, the spokesperson for the presidency, qualified what Milei said in another tweet: "President Javier Milei and the small delegation that accompanies him to the Davos Economic Forum are traveling by airline because in relation to the rest of the alternatives evaluated for making the trip, the estimated savings will be $321,330."

Of course, comparisons arose. X (formerly Twitter) users remembered how leftist leaders in Latin America, such as Gustavo Petro, Evo Morales or Nicolás Maduro, have never set foot on a commercial plane while in power. With more social sensitivity, the supposed fighters for the poor enjoy a private plane, a jet, or a presidential plane with a giant entourage.

Regarding Petro, there is controversy because his government rented a house in Davos for the forum, which cost Colombia more than a million dollars.

Finally, regarding his participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Milei said that the purpose of his going is "to plant the ideas of freedom in a forum that is contaminated with the socialist agenda and 2030, that the only thing that goes to bring misery to the world.

The president will speak at the forum this Wednesday, January 17. Regarding the speech, Milei assured his axis will be "that freedom is the key to prosperity."