Nebraska will require minors to wait one week before beginning gender-affirming treatment

The state's new law also requires minors attend a minimum of 40 hours of therapy that is "clinically neutral and not in a gender-affirming or conversion context."

Minors in Nebraska will have to wait at least seven days between requesting to receive puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones and beginning treatment. This was ruled by Governor Jim Pillen in a series of emergency regulations approved last Sunday.

The measure also states that patients must receive at least 40 hours of therapy before starting treatment which must be "clinically neutral and not in a gender-affirming or conversion context." Patients are required to continue with less frequent counseling sessions as the procedure is carried out.

The measure also establishes that the consent of minors will only be valid if "all the known side effects of cross-sex hormone, the risks associated with taking them and the risks associated with discontinuing the treatment" are first explained to them.

It also requires the signature of a parent or legal guardian, unless the minor is emancipated, and information about "social, behavioral, and physical alternatives" to treatment.