Most Hispanics think Biden should do something to control the border

Most believe that the Biden Administration has neglected the border issue and done little to reduce the number of immigrants crossing.

Fifty-two percent of likely Hispanic voters believe the government is doing "too little to reduce illegal border crossings and overstays by visitors," says the The Washington Times, citing a Rasmussen Reports survey to which they had access.

Only 15% of voters believe the government is doing "too much," 25% say the government's efforts are correct, and 9% are not sure. The number of Hispanic voters who think the government is neglecting the border is more than three times greater than the number of voters who think the government is policing too much.

Unprecedented border crisis

A total of 17 Texas counties have signed declarations of encroachment on the southern border to date. The resolutions cite the unprecedented levels of illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug smuggling occurring in the area under the Biden Administration.

The Johnson County resolution has been among the harshest against President Joe Biden. He points to the record number of aliens who have entered the country illegally since Biden took office, nearly 5 million, and "the unprecedented amount of human trafficking, fentanyl and other opioid smuggling coming into the country across the border.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that 2,493,723 illegal immigrants were apprehended in the current fiscal year: from last October through August. Of that number, 2,150,244 were apprehended at the southern border.

Border wall

As of Sept. 12, the state of Texas has raised more than $55 million to build a wall in an effort to secure the southern border and keep thousands of illegal immigrants from continuing to enter, according to a statement from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The money comes from donations from the state's residents.

"While securing the border is the responsibility of the federal government, Texas will not stand idly by as this crisis grows. Texas is responding with the strongest and most comprehensive border plan the nation has ever seen," said Governor Abbott.