Mossad helped Brazilian security services thwart an attack planned by the terrorist group Hezbollah

The detainees intended to carry out an attack against Israeli and Jewish targets in the country.

On Wednesday, the Brazilian Federal Police managed to thwart several terrorist attacks after arresting a Hezbollah cell financed by Iran. The Mossad, an Israeli spy agency, supported the operation.

According to reports, Brazilian authorities worked alongside the Mossad and other security agencies to investigate a terrorist network that was trying to establish itself in Brazil to recruit Brazilians to help attack Jewish communities and synagogues.

The investigation gave rise to an operation that led to the arrest of two people on charges of terrorism, as well as the fulfillment of 11 search and seizure warrants in the states of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and the Federal District. One of the suspects was arrested at Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo after arriving from Lebanon, Infobae reported.

According to Brazilian authorities, those who join a terrorist organization and participate in the planning and execution of acts of terrorism could be subject to a maximum sentence of 15 years and six months imprisonment.

"We are following with apprehension and concern this operation of the Federal Police today. Brazil does not have a history of terrorism and we hope that the conflict in the Middle East will not be imported here," said Ricardo Berkiensztat, executive president of the Jewish Federation of the State of Sao Paulo (FISESP).

The Mossad applauds the arrest

Through a statement, Israel thanked Brazilian authorities for working alongside their country's spy agency to arrest the Hezbollah cell.

"The Mossad thanks the Brazilian security forces for the arrest of a terrorist cell that acted on behalf of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, to carry out an attack on Israeli and Jewish targets in the country," the statement said, highlighting that the agency will continue working to thwart terrorism "where necessary."

"These days, in the context of the war in Gaza against the terrorist organization Hamas, the terrorist organization Hezbollah and the Iranian regime continue to operate around the world to carry out attacks against Israeli, Jewish and Western targets," the statement warns.