Mexico: Mario Lázaro Mendoza, alternate councilor for the municipality of Jacona, is murdered

The representative of the ruling Morena party was shot several times. His wife, who lost the baby they were expecting, and a neighbor were also injured.

(AFP / VOZ MEDIA) An elected municipal official in the Mexican state of Michoacán was killed in an attack Sunday, and his pregnant wife and another person were also injured, police sources reported.

Mario Lázaro Mendoza, elected on June 2 as an alternate councilor of the municipality of Jacona representing the ruling Morena party, was shot Sunday while he was in a recreational park in said town.

Police and National Guard officers, who received reports about the attack, went to the place where "they found the three victims with gunshot wounds," according to the police report.

The officers confirmed the death of Lázaro Mendoza, while his pregnant wife had injuries to her abdomen that left her hospitalized. The death of the child, who has been carried for eight months, was later confirmed, the police reported.

The other injured person, a resident of the municipality, was also hospitalized.

Until Monday, neither the Prosecutor's Office nor the state government of Michoacán, also led by Morena, had issued any comment on the crime of Lázaro Mendoza.

Last week, Yolanda Sánchez Figueroa, mayor of the Michoacan municipality of Cotija for the conservative National Action Party (PAN), was also shot dead by unknown assailants.

Michoacán, a state recognized for its tourist destinations and a thriving agro-export industry, is also one of the most violent in the country, due to the activity of criminal groups dedicated to extortion and drug trafficking.