Nicolas Maduro’s Supreme Court seeks to outlaw opposition primaries won by leader Maria Corina Machado

Senator Marco Rubio said that Joe Biden's administration should backtrack on the policy of easing sanctions on the dictator and his regime.

The Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela (TSJ) ruled this Monday, suspending "all effects" of the opposition primary elections. This is the latest attack by dictator Nicolás Maduro against dissidence after a decisive victory in the primaries by María Corina Machado, who obtained more than 2.2 million votes.

In addition, the court asked the National Primary Commission (CNP) to hand over all material related to the election, including the electoral records that would show the names of the citizens who chose to participate. The opposition has insisted on the protection of voter data to prevent the dictatorship from persecuting citizens.

"The National Primary Commission is ordered, in accordance with article 184 of the Organic Law of the Supreme Court of Justice, to send to this judicial body the Administrative Background, containing the 25 phases that must govern the Electoral Process, from the Call and its constitution as an Electoral Commission, going through the Electoral Schedule, Electoral Registry with its periods of challenge and purification ... the Minutes of the event held on October 22, 2023, including the Minutes of Constitution of the Electoral Tables, the Voting Books, the Voting Ballots, the Scrutiny Minutes, as well as the Regional Totalization Minutes, the Final Totalization Record, the Adjudication Record and the Proclamation Record," says the TSJ ruling.

After the decision, Senator Marco Rubio said that Joe Biden's administration should backtrack on the policy of easing sanctions on the dictator and his regime. "Let there be no doubt: Maduro had no intention of upholding the Oct 17th agreement & the result of the elections. The U.S. should reverse all sanctions relief", said Rubio. 

The regime's offensive

The decision from the Venezuelan Supreme Court became known as the prominent members of the CNP were testifying before the Prosecutor's Office after being summoned by an investigation initiated by Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab regarding the primary elections.

Since last week, the Maduro regime has persecuted the organizers of the internal opposition process. The offensive began after it was reported that more than 2 million Venezuelans voted in the election despite intimidation by the ruling party. The election was held with the support of citizens and without participation on the part of the dictatorship.

María Corina Machado's decisive victory

Last Thursday, the National Primary Commission proclaimed María Corina Machado, the only right-wing candidate, the undisputed election winner, with 92% of the votes cast. The CNP also recognized the work of the members in achieving the elections.

"Today, we proclaim our unity candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, María Corina Machado. We extend our congratulations. A path is opening up that demands inclusion, preservation and broadening of the broad political and social movement that was generated around the primary," said CNP President Jesús María Casal before proclaiming Machado the winner.