Maduro dictatorship accuses Rocío San Miguel of 'treason, conspiracy and terrorism'

The Venezuelan attorney general also announced the arrest of six other people. The activist's daughter is also missing.

Tarek William Saab, attorney general of Venezuela, reported that an arrest hearing for Rocío San Miguel, president of the NGO Citizen Control, and six other citizens was held. He only referred directly to the case of San Miguel and the retired military officer Alejandro José Gonzales De Canales Plaza. Saab maintained that they are accused of being involved in a plan that the regime has called "Brazalete Blanco."

"The Public Ministry will request before the Second Counter-Terrorism Court a measure of preventive judicial deprivation of liberty against citizen Rocío del Carmen San Miguel Sosa for: the alleged commission of the crimes of treason, conspiracy, terrorism and association among others," Saab wrote on X.

"Likewise, in relation to citizen Alejandro José Gonzales De Canales Plaza, a measure of preventive judicial deprivation of liberty will be requested for the alleged commission of the crimes of: revealing political and military secrets concerning the security of the nation, obstruction of the administration of justice and association," the prosecutor added.

The Maduro regime arrested the president of Citizen Control at Maiquetía International Airport in Caracas when she was trying to leave Venezuela. After more than 48 hours missing, the dictatorship confirmed her arrest.

Subsequently, Juan Manuel González, San Miguel's lawyer, confirmed that five family members of the human rights defender are also missing. Among them are her daughter Miranda Díaz San Miguel, her brothers, Miguel Ángel and Alberto San Miguel Sosa, and the father of her daughter, Miguel Ángel Díaz Paruta.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner demanded San Miguel be released. He described the case as an enforced disappearance. 

The UN Human Rights High Commissioner posted on X: "We are following up on the detention of human rights defender Rocio San Miguel with deep concern. Her whereabouts remain unknown, potentially qualifying her detention as an enforced disappearance. We urge her immediate release & respect for her right to legal defense."