'LIBERTAD': full house in the plaza as bullfighting returns to Mexico City

The Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico has overturned the suspension of bullfighting events in the world's largest bullring, despite opposition from animal rights groups.

There was a full house at the Monumental de México for the return of the bullfights to the Mexican capital. This Sunday, a bullfighting festival was held for the first time in two years in the largest bullring in the world, while the legal battle between freedom and the animal lobby continues to threaten the existence of the Fiesta Brava in Mexico City.

Nearly 42,000 bullfighting fans gathered in the bullring to see the work of Joselito Adame, Diego Silveti and Roca Rey with bulls from Tequisquiapan. Many more than those who gathered around the Monumental de México to protest the celebration of these celebrations, a Mexican cultural asset recognized in many of the federal states.

A girl rides a white horse in the bullring in Mexico City
(Cordon Press)

Judicial blockade

The return of bullfighting to Mexico City comes by order of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. Justice put an end to the suspension that a lower court imposed on the celebrations due to a complaint from an animal rights group. This suspension arrived in June 2022 and was scheduled to continue throughout the trial initiated by the Fair Justice group.

With this situation as context, the full crowd at the Monumental was a response from Mexican fans against the abolitionist positions imposed by progressive currents in the country. For this reason, the arena of the bullring on Sunday was adorned with the word "Libertad" (Freedom) written as a proclamation.

Commotion outside the square

While the two Mexican bullfighters and the Peruvian bullfighter were fighting inside the Monumental, the Police officers of the Secretariat of Citizen Security were dealing with the protesters in the Sporting arena. Some clashes were reported with nearly 200 animal activists who threw stones, bottles and eggs. These activists tried to enter the arena by knocking down one of the entrance gates, behind which the police officers had to take position.

This Sunday's bullfight ended without great applause for the three right-handers. According to expert media reports, Joselito Adame was close to taking an ear but failed to kill the Morlacos of Tequisquiapan, who lacked energy and grace. It ended with silences and clapping. Diego Silveti had better luck in killing, but he discarded the volapié and killed the bulls with his feet standing together and taking advantage of the attack of the Morlacos.

Finally, the Peruvian Roca Rey gave the worst of the afternoon despite the important date. On the first occasion he went for the kill too soon and ended up getting a puncture in the back. After three warnings, Roca Rey left the ring to boos from the fans and left the bull alive.