Karol G concert in Guatemala ends in tragedy

A man murdered two people after an argument, and a stray bullet killed a pregnant woman who was nearby with two children.

Karol G's second concert in Guatemala ended in tragedy after a dispute that led to a shooting that left three people dead, one of them a pregnant woman who was hit with a stray bullet when standing nearby with her children. Police arrested the man accused of firing the bullets just a few hours later. Guatemalan Interior Minister Francisco Jiménez made a post on X warning criminals that "the party is over."

An argument over broken car windows

The two murdered men found the windows of their vehicle broken after the concert, and approached a third man who they had paid to protect the car during the show. The argument escalated, and the angry man ended up pulling out a gun, which was unlicensed, according to the police, and shot at both of them, killing both. A stray bullet hit a 31-year-old pregnant woman, who was nearby with her two children, aged 2 and 11. The children suffered an anxiety attack when they saw their mother die and had to receive psychological attention from volunteer firefighters.

The National Civil Police managed to arrest the suspect at 7:25 a.m. Sunday and took him, with his hands wrapped in yellow bags to perform gunpowder tests, to Torres de Tribunales in Guatemala City to be booked. The agents found a 9mm caliber pistol in his possession, which he did not have a license for.

Government warns criminals: ‘The party is over’

The current Guatemalan government has prioritized ending crime and lack of safety that plagues the country. The minister of the interior posted on X to applaud the swift action of law enforcement with a message to criminals: "To these criminals who think they can get away with it, I am telling you that the party is over."