Julio Iglesias denies accusations that he is sick: "I'm f-ing great”

Over the last several days, rumors have surfaced about the Spanish singer’s health. He was said to be suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Julio Iglesias has denied rumors about his health. In recent days, there has been speculation that the singer is in a wheelchair and suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The Spanish singer posted on social media that he is perfectly fine.

"I am very concerned about everything that has come from me choosing to take a little alone time. In a rude way to those who have doubted my health, I would tell them that I am f-ing great but for the people who have really loved me for so many years, I would tell them that I have never been so sharp. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love," said the author of hits such as Me Olvidé de Vivir o Soy un Truhan, Soy un Señor.

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"I can't believe so much speculation for not wanting to do interviews right now, I keep reading all over the place, that I'm in a wheelchair, that I’ve lost my memory and that I don't even remember my songs. This photo is only a few days old, the mustache is mine, it reminds me a lot of my father. Thank you very much as always," he wrote.

Julio Iglesias, who will turn 80 in September, confirms that he is in perfect health. At the moment, he is doing better than ever.