Joe Biden is the grinch who made Christmas too expensive

A new CBS report shows that Americans are spending an extra $11,400 per year just to afford basic necessities.

The holiday season is meant to be a relaxing time to spend with loved ones. We celebrate our blessings as Americans while surrounded by friends and family.

But for middle-class households across the country, those blessings have become nearly impossible to afford. Bidenomics is wreaking havoc on family budgets at a time when every dollar counts, and it’s exposing the failure of his economic policies. Bah, humbug!

This year, Americans were faced with one of the most expensive Thanksgivings on record – second only to 2022. According to the American Farm Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving survey, the cost of a Thanksgiving meal rose 25 percent over 2019’s prices. The centerpiece turkey cost nearly 32 percent more than it did in 2019, and the price of other holiday staples spiked, too – with rolls up 54 percent, stuffing up 41 percent, pumpkin pie mix up 34 percent, and green beans up 32 percent.

What’s more, 58 percent of Americans accumulated some credit card debt to cover Thanksgiving meal costs, food insecurity has risen by over 45 percent since August 2021, and food banks have been pushed to the brink, saying they are seeing the “worst rate of hunger” in years.

Yet Joe Biden couldn’t be any more out of touch. He spent Thanksgiving in Nantucket, where the average home price is $5 million, at the lavish home of one of his billionaire donors. He’s so disconnected from the everyday plight of Americans that he continues to brag about the effects of “Bidenomics” – as if Americans don’t feel the pain of rising prices every day.

Unfortunately, more reports are showing that it may only get worse from here. PNC Bank’s annual Christmas Price Index, which measures the cost of the dozen gifts outlined in the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” just hit an all-time high – jumping another 2.7 percent after a 10.5 percent hike last year. The cost of a Christmas tree is 10 percent higher than a year ago, and more than one in three Americans are skipping Christmas presents due to inflation concerns. And with higher prices for flights, gas, and hotels, people are spending more just to see their families.

You could say that the National Christmas Tree’s toppling this year was symbolic. Americans deserve better this holiday season, but they’re quite literally paying the price of Biden’s $1.9 trillion “stimulus” from 2021 – and without House Republicans, they’d also be paying for the $6.9 trillion spending spree that Biden pushed for earlier this year.

As Americans head into the new year, they’re reminded daily that Joe Biden has made it nearly impossible to maintain the standard of living they knew before he took office. A new CBS report shows that Americans are spending an extra $11,400 per year just to afford basic necessities. They’re struggling to pay their debts, save for retirement, and afford rent. That’s the real Bidenomics.

Try as Biden might to save face with his bogus “Bankrupting America Tour” stops across the country, you can’t convince people that their everyday reality is wrong. Joe Biden is the grinch who made Christmas too expensive, and when Americans head to the polls next November, they’ll be voting with their wallets.