Javier Milei against democracy

Argentines must be patient since Javier Milei can only rely on them, not on all those supposed representatives of the people.

The Argentine president suffered a setback again after the Senate rejected the mega-decree to deregulate the country. However, for the package aimed at removing the suffocating state bureaucracy to be effectively rejected, it would also have to be rejected by the Chamber of Deputies.

As expected, the libertarian targeted the senators who voted against the decree, who were not only Peronists of various currents but also some radicals.

"Let the political class decide which side of history they want to be on," said the president. He added that it is an attempt to undermine the so-called May Pact, an agreement that Javier Milei seeks to reach with the governors of the provinces and the mayor of the city of Buenos Aires so that economic freedom reigns in Argentina instead of socialism, which has destroyed the country's economy and isolated it from the world.

Milei knew that rectifying the economy would not be a walk in the park since, although he is president, his party does not have a governor, a mayor, or a majority in any chamber. This is all amid a tough but necessary adjustment to settle the country's accounts and allow it to grow again. Therefore, if it had not been for the support of the citizens, it would surely have fallen by now.

The president, a complete outsider, must have a "political waist" to reach consensus. That is, he must enter the thick, contaminated and cumbersome mud of Argentine democracy in order to implement his plan.

But who makes up this democracy that they ask so much to respect? With whom do they ask you to reach a consensus? Well, with the same ones who have trampled on the constitution, the forms, the division of powers, etc. Those who went for everything without respecting absolutely anything today whiningly ask to be taken into account when making decisions. However, if any of the measures are effectively unconstitutional, it is not something that a legislator should decide since that is what the Supreme Court is for, right?

Javier Milei has to fight against all who make up this democracy, go through the impassable swamp that the Argentine bureaucracy represents, and that many need him to continue, even if that means hyperinflation, misery, unemployment, crime, etc. We could say that the ideal slogan for socialism would be "the worse, the better." In this way, they have the perfect excuse to intervene in the economy and in the lives of everyone in order to maintain the power and business of politics. That is, they want a country of militants, not workers. A country of officials who "love" the poor but not enough to lift them out of poverty. A country where resentment is more important than self-improvement,  where restrictions are more important than freedom and crime is justified and success demonized.

In the government, there is now an honest man who makes mistakes, whose ways are, at times, questionable, but who sincerely wants to fix the country. Who is a great economist and was able to predict with impressive success all the disasters that were coming to Argentina in previous administrations. Who has enough courage to confront the interventionist dinosaurs who seek to repeat failure, using democracy or the constitution as an excuse when it suits them, despite the fact that the majority of the supposed representatives of the people are the same ones who stand in the way of the president carrying out the changes that the majority of Argentines voted for. What democracy are they talking about?

Javier Milei, with his mistakes and successes, is on the side of the free world at a global level. He is cleansing the State of wasteful militants, reducing spending and stopping emissions. He is trying to repeal laws that have been resounding failures while being mercilessly attacked by the press, by opposition politicians who are actually coup plotters, by artists and leftist militants who only seek to continue parasitizing.

Argentines must understand that if the economic improvement takes longer than desired, it is because the dinosaurs that make up this democracy are muddying the playing field, so progress cannot be made, and they have to go back.

Argentines must be patient since Milei can only rely on them, not on all those supposed representatives of the people. The solution may take a while, but don't let it fail. This government is the last hope for Argentina. Do not miss such an opportunity, which may occur only once in history.