Israel recovers bodies of three hostages in Jabaliya

Hanan Yablonka, Oriol Hernández and Michel Nisenbaum were murdered on October 7.

Israel recovered the bodies of three hostages following a joint Defense Forces and ISA operation in Jabaliya. According to Israeli authorities, Hanan Yablonka, Israeli-Brazilian Michel Nisembaum and French-Mexican Oriol Hernández were murdered on October 7 and their bodies transferred to Gaza.

The IDF indicated that Yablonka and Hernández were at the Nova Festival, where they were killed and captured. Nisenbaum, for his part, a resident of Sderot, was heading to the Gaza Division base, near Re'im, to pick up his granddaughter, who was with his son-in-law, a non-commissioned officer.

Netanyahu: "National and moral duty"

After hearing the news, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, expressed his condolences to the families in a statement on his X account. The president also reiterated that he has "the national and moral duty to do everything within his power." our reach to return our kidnapped people . "

Together with the citizens of Israel, my wife Sara and I bow our heads in deep sorrow and embrace the grieving families in these difficult times. We have a national and moral duty to do everything in our power to return our hostages - lives and spaces - and that is what we are doing. I praise the IDF forces and the security forces who acted with great bravery in the heart of enemy territory, to return them to their families and to the grave of Israel.

France, "more committed than ever" to the hostages

Emmanuel Macron also expressed his "sadness" on this network. After mentioning the relatives and friends of the murdered man, the French president reiterated that he remains more committed than ever to the release of all the hostages .

With immense sadness I learned of the death of our compatriot Orión Hernández-Radoux, a Hamas hostage since October 7. I think of his family and those close to him. We are at your side. France remains more committed than ever to the release of all hostages.