Iraq orders media to replace the term "homosexuality" with "sexual deviance."

According to information obtained by Reuters, a document from the country's communications regulator reveals that the word "gender" is also included in the ban.

Iraq's Media and Communications Commission (CMC) ordered all media and social media platforms operating in the country to replace the term "homosexuality" with "sexual deviance," Reuters reported.

Iraq's communications regulator "orders media organizations...not to use the term 'homosexuality' and to use the correct term 'sexual deviance,'" the statement quoted by the media outlet said.

Several media outlets reiterated the news.

The word gender is also prohibited

According to the news agency, a document from the agency reveals that the word "gender" is also included in the ban. In addition, the new rule must be complied with by all telephone and Internet companies.

An Iraqi government spokesman told Reuters that "the decision still requires final approval" and that "a penalty for violating the rules has not yet been decided, but could include a fine."