Instagram censors Chloe Cole, the "detransitioner" girl who warns about the dangers of gender ideology

This teenager has moved the entire country with her story and her fight to warn parents and children about the tragedy behind gender-affirming treatments.

Chloe Cole has moved the entire country with her story and her struggle to warn parents and children about the dangers of gender ideology and, especially, "gender transition" treatments and surgeries. Now she has returned to the news because Instagram decided to censor her account. Apparently, Chloe's bio did not please Instagram administrators.

Her biography read: 19 - female (XX) - former trans kid - started T & Blockers at 13, Double Mastectomy at 15 - detransed at 16.

According to Chloe, Instagram called her bio "violent." The social network notified her that her account "cannot be shown to non-followers" because "your account activity may not follow our recommendation guidelines." Instagram further notified her that, 'account and content won't appear in places like Explore, Search, Suggested Users, Reels, and Feed Recommendations.'

Chloe reacted to the censorship of her Instagram account with the following sentence: 'Facebook has notified me that my Instagram bio is too "violent." If you think reading it is violent, imagine actually living through all that!!'

This teenager is doing an admirable job, she has decided to expose her tragedy to prevent other children and other families from suffering her misfortune. Chloe has testified before Congress, where she has assured that the administration of treatments and gender change surgeries are "one of the biggest medical scandals" in history. She has also sued her health insurer for coercing her to undergo medical treatment with hormone blockers and then surgery in which her breasts were mutilated.

Chloe has stated in different interviews that she suffered mental health problems and that she was exposed from a very young age to information on the internet about gender changes. Now, after a long medical and psychiatric process, and regretting the process she lived, she affirms that she did not need a surgery in which her body was mutilated, nor to consume hormone blockers being only 13 years old, but that she needed "compassion, to be loved. I need to be getting therapy to help me work through my issues.'

Her story is terrifying because it shows the negligence with which Irreversible procedures are being performed in U.S. hospitals. In her insurance lawsuit, Chloe claims doctors told her her gender dysphoria would never go away and assured her parents that the girl was at high risk of suicide if she didn't "transition" to boy. Posing a dramatic dichotomy between having a "transitioned" daughter or a dead daughter.

Another issue that moves and alerts is the ease with which these irreversible and deeply harmful treatments are approved, Chloe has stated several times that a few consultations were enough to approve a breast removal surgery being only 16 years old. All this happens in a country where people under 21 cannot consume alcohol, but for the government and for some doctors it seems that performing surgeries, and chemical treatments with permanent consequences, is fine.

Chloe's testimony is critical to warn parents and children about an issue that only trans activists are talking about, to be more exact: promoting and indoctrinating. However, when someone as brave as this girl dares to speak out, the same social network that allows videos of trans people explaining how to "transition", decides to censor her account.

On Instagram you can see thousands of videos of transgender people, even children, promoting Processes as drastic as breast removal, also videos explaining how to use hormones or blockers, all that is available to confused children and in many cases with family problems and without the guidance of parents who can guide them. However, social networks like Facebook and Instagram are comfortable with such content, while blocking testimonials from children like Chloe.

The United States is going through difficult times, children are even taken from their parents if they refuse to allow irreversible issues such as gender change treatments. Meanwhile, social media openly promotes gender ideology and treatments that, at least in children, should be absolutely prohibited. Doctors and insurers approve surgeries on minors with an ease that should alarm any sensible person. Therefore, the testimonies of children and families who have been victims of transgender activism and the transgender business must be heard by all Americans.