Identified in videos, tracked and captured: Putin arrests those who attended Navalny's funeral

On the day of his funeral, more than a hundred people were arrested across the country, and the number continues to rise.

Tension in Russia persists following the funeral of prominent opposition leader Alexei Navalny on March 1, with several people arrested in recent days, according to reports from the website of the human rights group OVD-Info.

During Navalny's funeral last Friday, at least 113 people were arrested in various parts of Russia, marking an increase in tension across the country. However, the arrests and pressure have not been limited to that day, as new arrests have taken place in Moscow.

The first to be arrested in the Russian capital was a local resident, detained on the basis of a video where he is allegedly heard uttering the phrase "Glory to the heroes." After spending the night of March 4 at the police station, the individual faced a fine of 1,500 rubles (about $17) under an administrative article related to displaying banned symbols.

This Tuesday, at least four other people were detained in Moscow. Yegor Komlev, arrested as he left his home, was taken to the police station, photographed and his passport was taken away. He was informed that surveillance cameras caught him attending Navalny's funeral on March 1 and laying flowers in tribute to the opposition leader. Komlev was fined 10,000 rubles.

Other detainees in the Russian capital were Yelena Gribkova and Yelena Levina. Both had already been detained after the Navalny memorial demonstration on February 17 but were released with a warning.

Vitaly Kramar was also detained at the cemetery during Navalny's funeral and fined 50 thousand rubles (approximately $549).

Hundreds detained for commemorating Navalny

OVD-Info also revealed that more than 400 people were detained between February 16 and 17 for participating in spontaneous tributes held in several cities across the country.

Navalny's funeral

The funeral of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, who died on February 16 in suspicious circumstances while in custody in a prison in the Russian Arctic, was held last Friday.

Media images captured the scene of a large number of people gathered in the vicinity of the Orthodox temple where the ceremony was held, under the watchful eye of a significant police deployment.