Hamas threatens to kill all hostages if its demands are not met

"Neither the fascist enemy (....) nor its supporters can take their prisoners alive without an exchange (...) meeting the demands of the resistance," the terrorist group said.

The terrorist group Hamas issued an alarming threat this Sunday, warning that it would kill all the hostages it holds if Israel does not give in to its demands. These demands include an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza and the release of more Palestinian prisoners.

Abu Obeida, a Hamas spokesman, stated in a television broadcast that no hostage will leave the Gaza Strip alive unless Israel accepts all the conditions that were established as part of failed negotiations that took place in early December.

"Neither the fascist enemy and its arrogant leadership… nor its supporters… can take their prisoners alive without an exchange and negotiation and meeting the demands of the resistance," Obeida said, according to the New York Post .

Obeida's statements came shortly after the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that 20 of the 137 people still held captive by the terrorist group are believed to have died.

Israel's advances

Since the resumption of the war between Hamas and Israel on December 1, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have managed to advance into the Gaza Strip and eliminate several Hamas targets.

"There are areas in the Gaza Strip that Hamas no longer controls militarily,” a senior IDF official recently reported, highlighting that the intensity of operations has been increased "to dismantle entire battalions of Hamas," as shared by the Times of Israel.

It is the “beginning of the end” for Hamas

This Sunday, Netanyahu spoke of the progress that Israeli forces have made, including the mass surrender of members of the terrorist group.

"They are laying down their weapons and handing themselves over to our heroic fighters" he revealed.

During the statement, Netanyahu was confident that the end of the terrorist group is approaching, and although he acknowledged that it will still take more time to achieve victory, he assured that "this is the beginning of the end for Hamas."

“I say to the Hamas terrorists: it is over (...) Surrender,” he added.