France: Two girls injured and one dead in knife attack near a school

The events occurred in the town of Souffelweyersheim, near Strasbourg. A suspect has been arrested.

Two minors aged 6 and 11 were injured Thursday in France in a knife attack. The events occurred in the town of Souffelweyersheim, near Strasbourg.

According to the police prefecture of the Lower Rhine, the attack took place near an elementary school. Both girls suffered minor injuries and are in stable condition. They were transferred to a nearby hospital after authorities were able to intervene.

They were not the only victims of this attack. Another 14-year-old student from the same school suffered a panic and anxiety attack when the school activated its response protocol. The situation and her condition caused her to have a heart attack, which was fatal.

According to French authorities, a suspect was arrested shortly afterwards in the vicinity of the school without the weapon in question. Police said that it is a man who is mentally ill. He is 29 years old and submitted to the arrest.

He had no prior criminal record and has no apparent connection with any radical groups. For these reasons, the investigation has ruled out out ideological or terrorist motives for the incident.

Emergency protocol was activated at the school for a few hours until the situation was clarified and the suspect arrested. Authorities deployed their services at the disposal of the school staff, parents and students.