France: Lyon ignited by protests after teenager stabbed by Islamists seeking to kill 'white people'

After the terrible murder, thousands of people took to the streets with slogans such as 'Islam out of Europe!'

Lyon, France, is plagued by protests as part of the 'Justice for Thomas' movement in memory of a 16-year-old teenager who lost his life in a racially motivated stabbing.

The violent incident took place during a dance party at Crépol town hall last weekend when a gang of Islamists burst in announcing, "We are here to stab white people." This racially motivated hate attack left nearly two dozen people injured and took the life of Thomas.

After the incident, a hundred people gathered carrying signs expressing their outrage and demanding justice. The protesters chanted slogans such as "French, wake up, this is your home" and "Justice for Thomas! Islam out of Europe! Immigration kills!"


The Minister of Government, Olivier Véran, had already warned about the possibility that French society would rise up after the murder of the teenager.

These protests join a series of demonstrations that show the growing social pressure generated by mass migration, racism and the war between Israel and Hamas. Over the weekend, there were similar protests in Romans-sur-Isère.

The outrage and call for justice also resonates elsewhere in Europe. A similar incident occurred last week in Dublin, where a stabbing attack on Irish children generated a large protest against mass immigration due to hypotheses that the attacker was an Algerian immigrant in an irregular situation in Ireland.


Dozens of Dubliners took to the streets to demand safety for their children with national flags and banners reading "Irish Lives Matter."