EU resumes funding to UNRWA with $50 million despite Hamas ties

The European Commission's announcement comes a day after a tragedy occurred in Gaza around a humanitarian aid convoy, which resulted in the death of 100 Palestinians.

The European Commission, the institution that holds executive power in the European Union (E.U.), announced Friday that it will release 50 million euros (about $54 million) in the next week for the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA.

A European Commission spokesman said the funds would be released after the agency agreed to a "series of conditions," including an audit of its staffing, and that another 32 million euros ($34 million) would be released at a later date. The E.U. will resume funding the refugee agency despite the fact that a few weeks ago, Israel uncovered that some of UNRWA's employees were involved in the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack.

Along with this financial assistance for the U.N. agency, the European Commission added that it will send 68 million euros in emergency humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Middle East. This second aid package will be distributed to non-governmental organizations in the region.

Reaction to Thursday's tragedy

The announcement to strengthen financial support for the U.N. agency coincides with the international community's condemnation of the confusing and tragic events a day earlier in Gaza. On Thursday, 100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip in an incident involving humanitarian aid supply trucks.

In January, Israel revealed that several URNWA workers were actively involved in the Oct. 7 massacre, resulting in several entities cutting financial support for UNRWA.

A number of Western nations, including the United States, decided to stop donating to UNRWA until it the involvement of its employees with Hamas' actions became clear.