Erdogan meets with Hamas leader in Turkey: "One day, Israel will pay the price for oppression"

The two reportedly discussed negotiations for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the need for an "uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian aid.”

In the midst of peak tensions in the Middle East after Iran formally attacked Israel and Israel responded a few days later, Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniye. The Turkish president held a meeting with the leader of the terrorist group in Istanbul. They discussed a peaceful solution to the conflict and agreed that Israel must pay the price for "oppression.”

According to an official statement from the Turkish president, reported by the outlet Haberturk, the meeting focused on analyzing the possibility of negotiating a cease-fire in Gaza, with a view to a "fair and lasting peace process" that would guarantee "the entry of aid without restrictions.”

The meeting, which lasted approximately two and a half hours, took place at the Dolmabahce Palace, a historic building that served as the main administrative center of the Ottoman Empire between 1853 and 1922.

Erdogan and Haniye discussed "issues related to Israel's attacks on Palestinian lands, especially Gaza and especially what needs to be done to ensure adequate and uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian aid and a just and lasting peace process in the region discussed."

The Turkish president also said that his country "will continue to explain the (Israeli) massacres in Gaza by all means,”while continuing "to create the independent State of Palestine, the key to bringing permanent peace to the region.”

Finally, the Turkish leader pointed out that "one day Israel will pay the price for the oppression it inflicts on the Palestinians.”

Turkey is a country that formally recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization. It is pushing for the creation of an independent Palestinian state. They have continued to send humanitarian aid to Palestinians. It is estimated that more than 45,000 tons of humanitarian aid have been sent to the region.