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Liora Argamani, mother of hostage rescued by the IDF in Gaza, dies

The woman died at the age of 61 from brain cancer after asking Israeli forces to bring her daughter Noa to safety. She was kidnapped at the Nova music festival.

Israeli Army / AFPAFP

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Liora Argamani, the mother of a hostage freed in Gaza less than a month ago, died Monday night at the age of 61 due to brain cancer.

The woman became known for her pleas to Israeli forces to save her daughter, kidnapped during the Nova music festival, so she could see her before she passed away. Her wish was granted on June 8 when the Israel Defense Forces rescued Noa along with three other hostages.

Noa, 26, did not hesitate to go to the hospital located in Tel Aviv where her mother was battling Stage 4 cancer. She remembered Liona's tenacity during the funeral, held Tuesday in Beersheba, which was attended by media outlets such as The Jerusalem Post.

"My mother is the best friend there is, the most beautiful and strong person I have ever known in my life," Noa said during the funeral service. "I stand here today and still have a hard time digesting. Against all odds I was privileged to be with you in the last moments and to hear the last words. Thank you for being strong and holding on so that I could see you at least one more time and so that father would not be left alone."

Noa went on to promise her mother that she would follow in her footsteps: "Thank you for the 26 years that I had the privilege of being by your side. I learned a lot from you. You took me to travel with you around the world. You made me a strong woman. The tools you gave me are tools I could not purchase anywhere else. Every time it was difficult, you pushed me forward. I promise you that I will continue to follow your path. I promise you I'll take care of Dad. I promise you that I will be just as strong as you. Mom, you will always be with me, no matter where I go and who I meet. And like you taught me when I was a little girl, I love you to the sky and back."