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Video: embarrassing brawl in Italian Parliament that ended with an injured legislator

Leonardo Donno, who said he was kicked and punched in the sternum, left the House in a wheelchair.

Parlamento de Italia.


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Embarrassing footage in the Italian Parliament. During the vote on a legislative reform held this Wednesday, several legislators were involved in a brawl that ended with one of them leaving the chamber in a wheelchair.

The fight began after Leonardo Donno, a legislator from the 5 Star Movement party, approached Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies Roberto Calderoli and threw an Italian flag at him.

Immediately afterwards, several legislators pounced on Donno, who said he experienced physical violence: "Among the various kicks, I also received a very strong punch in the sternum and I collapsed because I couldn't breathe." Additionally, he assured that he will take action against the aggressors.

The bill that was being voted on consists of giving greater autonomy to the 20 regions of Italy. It has not received full approval yet.