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The Venezuelan Army intercepts a car with Spanish diplomatic plates with 194 kg of drugs

The driver of the vehicle allegedly worked for an official of the Spanish embassy in Caracas and allegedly took advantage of her absence to make "fraudulent use" of the car.

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Venezuelan authorities are investigating the driver of a Spanish embassy official in Caracas after he was intercepted with approximately 200 kilos of drugs inside the employee's vehicle.

According to local reports, the man was in a jeep-type van with diplomatic license plates, planning to travel from Colombia to Caracas, when he was stopped by members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) at a checkpoint in Táchira, in the western part of the country.

The driver, accompanied by another passenger, immediately surrendered to the Venezuelan authorities, raising his arms in surrender. After an inspection of the vehicle, just over 185 kilos of marijuana and almost nine kilos of cocaine, distributed in more than 300 packages, were discovered.

According to Spanish diplomatic sources, the driver was not a direct employee of the Spanish embassy but worked as a private driver for a female employee of the diplomatic legation in the Canary Islands. Officials suspect that the individual took advantage of the absence of the owner of the diplomatic vehicle to make "fraudulent use" of it and transport the drugs, as the theft of the car had already been reported.

"The stolen car is also a private car," add the same sources. "It has a diplomatic plate, as is usual among embassy employees. We are, in all likelihood, dealing with a fraudulent use of this vehicle. The theft of the vehicle was reported to the Spanish and Venezuelan police," Spanish diplomatic sources told Vozpópuli.

Brigadier General Leonardo Quintero, Second Commander and Chief of Staff of the National Anti-Drug Command of the Bolivarian National Guard, shared images on his social media of the seized drug shipment without giving further details of the operation.