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The United States and Israel are on high alert preparing for an "inevitable" attack from Iran

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the possible Iranian offensive in their phone call on Thursday.

Joe Biden- Benjamin Netanyahu

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The United States and Israel are on high alert due to an “inevitable” and “significant” attack by Iran. CNN reported that a senior Biden administration official told them that they expect the Iranian offensive to arrive within the next week in retaliation for an Israeli attack in Damascus, which claimed the lives of senior Iranian commanders.

The possible attack by Iran was a topic that both leaders touched on during their call on Thursday, in which they also addressed the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

“The two governments are furiously working to get in position ahead of what is to come, as they anticipate that Iran’s attack could unfold in a number of different ways – and that both US and Israeli assets and personnel are at risk of being targeted,” CNN reported on Friday afternoon.

According to the information provided by the official, the United States and Israel did not have much clear information about the attack until Friday.

According to the information, a direct attack by Iran on Israel is the worst outcome for which the Biden administration is preparing since it would rapidly escalate the already existing conflict in the Middle East.

“Such a strike could lead to the Israel-Hamas war broadening into a wider, regional conflict – something Biden has long sought to avoid,” CNN said.