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China erases the former foreign minister who disappeared a month ago from its records

Correspondent Jaime Santirso shared on social media evidence that the Communist government removed questions about Qin Gang from official transcripts, among other things.

El secretario de Estado Antony Blinken reunido con el entonces ministro Qin Gang una semana antes de su desaparición. (Departamento de Estado)

Secretary of State Antony Blinken meeting with then-minister Qin Gang a week before his disappearance. (Department of State)

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On June 25, Qin Gang, China's foreign minister, met with his Sri Lankan counterpart. That was his last public appearance.

Since then, the Chinese Communist Party has kept the reason for Qin's absence or whereabouts a secret. The authorities have only claimed "unspecified medical reasons," according to reports published by the South China Morning Post. Qin was dismissed from his position a month into his disappearance.

The same media outlet explained on Wednesday that censors appeared to be preparing to ban the topic on Chinese social media Weibo. For the time being users can continue to post content about his disappearance.

Qin was also temporarily removed from the ministry's files. The message "Sorry, Qin Gang Not Found" pops up following a search. Correspondent Jaime Santirso explained in a series of tweets that the page was recovered thanks to international media outlets who have been covering the story.

The Spanish ABC journalist also claimed that questions about the former minister were removed from the official transcripts of the Foreign Ministry press conferences. Santirso uploaded a video in which he can be heard asking "Could you tell us if he is under criminal investigation? And if so, what kind of charges is he facing?”

Although the ministry spokeswoman dismissed the question, saying that she had already answered similar questions, the reporter insisted, assuring that there was evidence that Qin disappeared from official records. He claimed that is "the reason why sometimes questions are repeated."

The Chinese official said that they decided what to publish in the official records, and she accused him for not being "not interested in her answer.” If that's the case, let's save everyone's time, shall we?"

Santirso later shared that this exchange also did not appear in the official transcript.