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Luis Rubiales: the president of the Spanish Soccer Federation suspended for kissing world champion Jennifer Hermoso

FIFA suspended Rubiales for at least two months. He is not allowed to contact the player during this time.

Captura de pantalla del beso de Rubiales y Jenni Hermoso.

(Twitter: RTVE)

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FIFA (International Soccer Federation) suspended Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Soccer Federation (RFEF), due to his controversial kiss with women's soccer champion Jennifer Hermoso. The sanction, which took effect on Saturday, will last at least 90 days until they close the investigation.

In addition, the international federation banned Rubiales and his subordinates from contacting the women's soccer champion and those close to her.

The federation announced that its vice president, Pedro Rocha Junco, would serve as interim president while Rubiales "defend(s) himself legally." In addition, he said that Rubiales would take the opportunity to "begin his defense so that the truth prevails and his complete innocence is proven." The national federation came to the defense of its president, saying that Hermoso was lying and that they had information to prove it.

The day before being suspended, Rubiales defended himself against the accusations and claimed that he would not give up: "I'm going to defend myself and anyone who knows me knows I'm going to go all the way. This campaign (against me) does not respond to truth or justice." Although local media were sure that he would resign – such as El Mundo which posted "Rubiales resigns this Friday after being abandoned by everyone for his kiss to Hermoso" – the president of the RFEF insisted that he would not step down:

After Rubiales' speech, more than 50 players signed a statement threatening not to play for Spain's national team "if the current leaders continue."

Former U.S. national team star Megan Rapinoe had also previously spoke out, calling Rubiales "misogynistic and sexist."