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Five trans teenagers victorious this female high school track season

The biological males defeated their female competitors in championships held in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon and Washington.


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Five biological males who identify as girls were victorious this season in different high school girls' track meets in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon and Washington.

There are five states in which, for now, transgender people are allowed to participate as the gender they prefer. It is easier for a person born as a boy to beat female competitors simply because of their physical ability.

"It’s tragic to witness the absurdity of boys dominating girls’ high school sports, with no leadership in these states stepping up to defend girls," the Independent Council of Women's Sports (ICONS) told The Washington Times.

The five transgender athletes who defeated their female competition are Lizzy Bidwell (Connecticut, in the triple jump category), Maelle Jacques (New Hampshire, in the high jump category), Soren Stark-Chessa (Maine, in the 800-meter category), Aayden Gallagher (Oregon, in the 200-meter dash category) and Veronica Garcia (Washington, in the 400-meter dash category).

In addition, three other biological males participated in women's track and field championships in Connecticut, Hawaii and Washington but failed to win.