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The love between Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole is over: the Mexican is caught holding hands with another in a casino

The Argentine singer published a statement in which she announced her breakup after the video of her ex-partner with an alleged escort went viral.

Peso Pluma y Nicki Nicole en la gala de los Grammy

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The first celebrity breakup of 2024 among celebrities of the Hispanic entertainment world involves Mexican hit singer Peso Pluma and artist Nicki Nicole, whose dramatic split has caused a significant stir on social media.

It all started when a video began to circulate on the Internet in which the rapper Peso Pluma is identified walking in a casino accompanied by a woman. In the video, you can see how Peso Pluma and the woman walk hand in hand and very close. Network users believe that the woman, with voluptuous shapes and skimpy clothing, is an escort or a prostitute. Despite this, she could not be identified.

The response from Nicki Nicole, with whom Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija had been in a relationship since 2023, was immediate. "Respect is a necessary part of love. What is loved is respected. What is respected is taken care of. And when they don't take care of you and there is no respect, I don't stay there. I'm leaving there," said Nicole Denise Cucco in a statement on Instagram.

The most heartbreaking aspect of the split, as Nicki Nicole revealed in her statement, was discovering the breakup through social media: "It is with great pain that you know that I found out the same way you did." Following her announcement, social networks became a battleground, echoing like drums of war as countless messages of animosity were directed at Peso Pluma.

Breakup on Valentine's Day

This outcome occurs on Valentine's Day, with everything that entails. Peso Pluma has gone from being one of the most beloved characters in the music industry to being hated for his unfaithful behavior with Nicki Nicole. The media and networks still remember how, at the Grammy gala, he praised his ex-partner.

"I am happy to experience my first Grammys with my beautiful girlfriend. She is gorgeous. Applause for her. I dedicate all my triumphs to her," he proclaimed in front of the audience on stage with the award in his hand and with Nicki by his side. Now Nicki has deleted all the photos she has with the Mexican from her social networks. He has not yet reacted to this controversy and the photos are still on his Instagram wall. It is not yet known what he has to say or if he will be able to fix this mess that ended their love on Valentine's Day.