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Toyota recalls 1.9 million RAV4 SUVs due to risk of battery fire

The company reported that it is still looking for a solution to the problem.

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Japanese manufacturer Toyota called for review to almost 1.9 million vehicles due to defects in their batteries, just a week after its president, Akio Toyoda, attacked anti fuel measures —"regulations created based on ideals" that end up harming "regular users."—

Among the affected cars are some of the RAV4 SUVs, belonging to models launched between 2013 and 2018. The problem is the size of some 12-volt batteries, which, since they do not have the appropriate dimensions, are not properly secured. Therefore, while the car is moving, the battery could move, causing a fire.

"Toyota is currently preparing the remedy," the company said in a statement. "When the remedy is available, Toyota dealers will replace the battery hold-down clamp, battery tray, and positive terminal cover with improved ones at no cost to owners. For all involved vehicles, Toyota will notify customers by late December 2023."

To check if their vehicle is one of the 1,854,000 affected, customers can visit the Toyota or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.